Storage tents

Industrial tents/storage tents/lightweight structures

Thinking of increasing your warehouse capacity on a long-term basis? Or do you only require more storage space temporarily? Then a storage tent is just what you need. The right type of storage tent, no matter whether it’s insulated, has a tarpaulin covering or trapezoidal sheet cladding, a roller door or a sliding door - we can meet your requirements.

Our storage tents range in width from 5 to 30 meters in intervals of 2.5 meters. The length can be extended at will in intervals of 2.5 or 5 meters. They can withstand a snow load of 0.25 kN/m² to 3.5 kN/m², depending on roof span and side wall height.

Lightweight structures/industrial tents with tarpaulin cladding

Lightweight structures with robust heavy fabric tarpaulin for roof and wall cladding.

Lightweight structures/industrial tents with trapezoidal sheet cladding

Lightweight structures with wall cladding of trapezoidal sheets and tarpaulin roof.

Insulated lightweight structures/industrial tents

Insulated lightweight structures with double tarpaulin-cladded roof and wall cladding of sandwich panels.

Tents for building sites and construction work

These tents are designed for use as canopies above excavation pits, or to protect workers against inclement weather.

Marquees for kitchens and canteens

Temporary solutions for large companies planning to convert or renovate their kitchens, canteens, or staff lounge areas.

Marquees for horse riding and lungeing rings

Our marquees for horse riding and lungeing rings are ideal for all those looking for flexible solutions. They can be erected quickly, are available in various sizes, and will make the dreams of riders and stable owners come true!

Special structures (emergency tents, medical treatment tents, waiting tents)

Tents for Corona treatment, first aid tents!

Emergency tents, medical treatment tents, waiting tents

To help cope with the current situation, we have tents on offer specially designed to support medical staff, above all for the following purposes:
  • Temporary emergency accommodation
  • Mobile temperature monitoring
  • First aid tents
  • Waiting and/or medical treatment tents
Various sizes and features are available.

Here are some examples.

We’d be pleased to make you an offer tailored to your individual situation in terms of space available and requirements.

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Corona Versorgungszelt
This is a photograph of a temporary tent at the Ilm Clinic in Pfaffenhofen that went into operation on 16 March 2020

Corona Sanitätszelt

Temporäre Notunterkunft




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Storage tent accessories

Your lightweight structures are available in many different varieties. Whether you want a tarpaulin entrance in the end or side wall, a sliding door or a roller door – anything’s possible!
Decide between an entrance door, a walk-through door or a two-winged steel door, depending on your needs.
In addition, we’d be pleased to install interior tarpaulin to prevent condensation, individual lighting or heating.

Additional accessories available here

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